• A Simple and Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe

    A Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe and A Book Giveaway!

    Sunday, August 30, 2015

    I’ve been cooking a simple and tasty split pea soup recipe for over a year, and I thought it was about time I introduced it to OpenSourceVegan.com! Here’s The Demonstration of The Simple and Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe: Here’s The Simple and Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe: Ingredients: 12 cups water 4 cups split […]

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Wellness Secrets’ Granola

This is one meal that we served our guests during Wellness Secrets’ 5 day live-in in program. Everything from the breakfast pattes with gravy to the layered millet pudding was excellent! So…when are you going to come to Wellness Secrets? 😉 Space is open for two of our 5 day live-in program sessions in October. […]

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Vegan Meatballs

Potluck Meatball Recipe

Here’s the meatball recipe that a church member used for one of our recent Sabbath potluck meals. She said that in order for the meatballs not to get too mushy, she would freeze them, put the sauce over it, and cook them together. The Meatball recipe: 1-24oz can veggie burger or TVP, 1 c. dry […]

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