Breakfast Like a King

On Friday, I briefly shared some information about meal timings, in my YouTube video “Breakfast Like a King.”

My Classic Video

This is a classic vegan video that I did with my friend Filipe a few years ago. He and I made all the food in the video including the four layer ice cream cake! The message is the video embodies the concept of we wanted to offer people something better.

It’s Been 1 Year

August 7th, 2010 was the date that dated tbe start of my ten week internship at Wellness Secrets. Now, I’ve spent two months here as a staff, and so far, it’s been a blessing. However, it’ll take a year to give a clear evaluation of this non-profit, health education center.

Church’s Veg Potluck

I’m new here to Arkansas, but it seems no matter where I go, I’m able to eat very well. Two Sabbaths or so ago, I brought my iPhone with me to church to share with you some of the wonderful plant based dishes I eat on a regular basis.