Yummy Soy Curls!!!
Thanks Mrs. Blackwood!

Soy Curls Butler Foods

This was a picture of a soy curl dish I made yesterday following some of the principles from Mrs. Blackwood, an excellent vegan cook. Check out her website, Healthier Steps! You can go to her blog and find some wonderful vegan recipes! I’ve eaten at her house many times, and she has a reputation of […]

Four Layer Ice Cream Cake Recipe!!!

4 layer ice cream cake

This is probably one of the most sought after recipes from me–especially when people actually taste and see the ice cream cake. This cake is for special occasions because it’s expensive and time consuming. However, your non-vegan family and friends will give you a BIG thank you when they finish eating it. Just ensure that […]

Vegan Ice Cream Recipes!!!

Carob Ice Cream

  This was a carob ice cream, and I love carob, so it was a real hit for me! Sabbath potlucks at church are just great. (See my church potluck video!)   Here’s the recipe that I obtained from a church member: Vanilla RICE MILK” ICE CREAM ½ gallon RICE or whatever MILK [Vanilla] 1 […]