Almond Gravy

gravy recipe

I originally helped make this dish while I was working as a cafeteria manager at my school’s vegan cafeteria. Almond Gravy: 2 c. Water 1/2 c. Almonds 1 tbs. Onion Powder 1/4 tsp. Garlic Powder 1/4 tsp. Salt 3 tbs. Braggs (or soy sauce) 1 tbs. Yeast flakes 1 tbs. Cornstarch Blend on high until […]

Caramel Popcorn

caramel popcorn

I originally shared this recipe idea on’s public Facebook page around December 14, 2010. My Caramel Popcorn Recipe idea: Actually, I messed up on following a simple recipe, but it came out very well (thanks to Mr. Gordon’s & God’s help). I loved every bite of this popcorn. I mixed & warmed almond butter […]

Tofu Fricasse & Gravy

Tofu Fricasse with Spelt Gravy

On Sabbath, December 12, 2010, I went to Mrs. Michelle Blackwood’s house for lunch, and I had black beans and rice, salad, and tofu fricasse with spelt gravy. This is what I originally posted on’s public Facebook page. Here’s her recipe idea! Tofu Fricasse 1. Cut tofu into cubes. 2. Add yeast flakes and […]

Cafeteria Tested Granola Recipe


If you follow this recipe exactly, people will thank you without fail. This is recipe is tried and true, and it comes out excellent! We’ve used it many times at my school’s vegan cafeteria that I used to manage. Chris Chung’s Granola (converted measurements) 8 C regular oats 1 ¼ C coconut 1 ¾ C […]

Minestrone Soup Recipe Idea

minestrone soup

This was originally posted November 10, 2010 on’s Facebook page when I was my school’s vegan cafeteria manager. We had minestrone soup, which was composed of elbow macaroni, beans, carrots, potatoes, celery, onions, peas, & seasonings such as Italian seasoning, rosemary, marjoram, chicken style seasoning, & others. We even added a little honey to […]