Caramel Popcorn

caramel popcorn

I originally shared this recipe idea on’s public Facebook page around December 14, 2010. My Caramel Popcorn Recipe idea: Actually, I messed up on following a simple recipe, but it came out very well (thanks to Mr. Gordon’s & God’s help). I loved every bite of this popcorn. I mixed & warmed almond butter […]

Oh so Sweet Glazed Nuts Recipe Sketch

glazed nuts

One of my friends makes this for her husband, and she was kind enough to give me the recipe idea! Ingredients: 3 cups of nuts (She mixed English walnuts and almonds) 3 tb. of honey 2 tb. of Grandma’s molasses (not blackstrap) pinch of salt Mix together in a bowl. Variation: Use maple syrup instead […]

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Recipe!
Thanks Wellness Secrets!

vegan butter pecan ice cream recipe

This dairy free butter pecan ice cream made one person almost cry. Now I know why. I had this ice cream with my meal, and oh, did it taste good. Here’s the recipe: 1 can coconut milk 1/2 cup raw cashew nuts 1/2 cup honey 1 tsp. Butterscotch flavoring 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. guar […]

Four Layer Ice Cream Cake Recipe!!!

4 layer ice cream cake

This is probably one of the most sought after recipes from me–especially when people actually taste and see the ice cream cake. This cake is for special occasions because it’s expensive and time consuming. However, your non-vegan family and friends will give you a BIG thank you when they finish eating it. Just ensure that […]

Vegan Ice Cream Recipes!!!

Carob Ice Cream

  This was a carob ice cream, and I love carob, so it was a real hit for me! Sabbath potlucks at church are just great. (See my church potluck video!)   Here’s the recipe that I obtained from a church member: Vanilla RICE MILK” ICE CREAM ½ gallon RICE or whatever MILK [Vanilla] 1 […]