Improving my recipes

cashew gravy

On Monday, I participated in Wellness Secrets’ diabesity seminar, which is a weight loss program with an emphasis on diabetes since the two topics go hand in hand. I learned how I can save money on my cashew cheese, cashew gravy, and other nut based recipes. In the lecture, the speaker said that you could […]

Vegan Mac & Cheese Demo

vegan mac and cheese

After making the vegan Wal-mart pizza and sharing it with my iPhone, I decided to make another simple video again. This time I wanted to show you how I basically make my vegan mac and cheese. Just like the Wal-mart vegan cheese pizza recipe yesterday, you can make this vegan mac and cheese with ingredients […]

Cheese For Burritoes

Bean Burritoes rice peanut butter cookies

This recipe and recipe idea was originally posted on January 6, 2011: “We heated up canned pinto beans and seasoned them with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, sauteed onions, and a few more seasonings. Then we mashed them so they could be in bean burrito consistency. (That means you don’t add too much water while […]

Yeast Flake Free Cheese


Today, at Wellness Secrets I made cashew cheese. I put them in small containers and froze them to prep for our small restaurant. Basically, when someone comes to our restaurant, we thaw our our sandwiches from the freezer using our microwave and toaster. Everything from the bread to the burgers remains frozen until then. This […]