A Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe and A Book Giveaway!

A Simple and Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe

I’ve been cooking a simple and tasty split pea soup recipe for over a year, and I thought it was about time I introduced it to OpenSourceVegan.com! Here’s The Demonstration of The Simple and Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe: Here’s The Simple and Tasty Split Pea Soup Recipe: Ingredients: 12 cups water 4 cups split […]

Blueberry Fruit Sauce

banana oat vegan waffles

Ingredients: 1 12oz can of apple/grape juice concentrate Water 6 tb. cornstarch 6.5 cups of frozen fruit Place 1 12oz can of apple/grape juice concentrate in a pot. Use that same can, fill it with water, put 4 tablespoons of water with 6 tablespoons of cornstarch, and mix it with a fork until it’s completely […]

Black Bean Burgers

Franklin's black bean burgers finished meal

This black bean burger recipe was basically gleaned from the Vibrant Life magazine, which I subscribe to. I love their short, insightful health articles and their healthful recipes I get every two months. The picture of above was my lunch, and I enjoyed really enjoyed my lunch. I’ve let others taste the black bean burgers, […]

Soy Curl Recipe

soy curls

Instead of just having a recipe idea, I actually now have an exact recipe of how to make my soy curl dish. How are soy curls made? Its food manufacturer, Butler Foods, said, “Select certified Non-GMO soybeans grown without chemical pesticides are soaked in spring water. Then the soybeans are cooked and delicately textured after […]

Improving my recipes

cashew gravy

On Monday, I participated in Wellness Secrets’ diabesity seminar, which is a weight loss program with an emphasis on diabetes since the two topics go hand in hand. I learned how I can save money on my cashew cheese, cashew gravy, and other nut based recipes. In the lecture, the speaker said that you could […]