Sunny Florida Health Trip

I’ve been able to help with and eyewitness Wellness Secrets’ (my job) 5 day road to wellness health seminar in sunny Florida! This is the daily schedule: Worship Breakfast Stretches Lecture Walk Lecture Hands on vegetarian cooking school Lecture Lunch I did a short video about my experience:

My Wal-mart Vegan Pizza

Today, I went to Wal-mart, picked up my iPhone, and I recorded my quest to make a vegan pizza solely from ingredients from Wal-mart. I used: Rustic Italian Herb Crust Ragu Pizza Sauce’s Yeast Flake Free Cheese Sauce (minus the tahini–it still tastes great without it. I also used a different kind of pimentos) […]

Your Vegan Thanksgiving Meals:

vegan turkey

About two weeks ago, I challenged you to share with me the vegan meals you were having for Thanksgiving. Christa Shelton, who has a blog called “Veggin’ Out With Christa” said: “This is me and my vegan stuffing! Stuffing has ALWAYS been one of my favorite sides, so it is a must for my holiday […]

Vegan Restaurant Coverage…Stay Tuned!!

photo (2)

Two of my friends are spearheading a vegan restaurant called “Something Better” to truly offer something better to the community of Fayetteville, Arkansas. They’re located by one of my favorite health foods stores in Northwest Arkansas, Ozark Natural Foods. Here’s a short video I did this morning that shows you one of their products: I […]

When Eating Out, #WhatDoVegansEat?

chinese resturant vegan Tofu Brocoli Dish

On Twitter, sometimes people tweet with the tagline #WhatDoVegansEat. Again, today, I’ll attempt to answer that question by sharing with you what I ate on Friday andSabbath. On Friday, I went to a Chinese restaurant, and I have a eggplant dish, which I could roll inside of a cabbage. Also, I had broccoli and tofu […]