Vegan Ice Cream Recipes!!!


This was a carob ice cream, and I love carob, so it was a real hit for me! :) Sabbath potlucks at church are just great. (See my church potluck video!)


Here’s the recipe that I obtained from a church member:


½ gallon RICE or whatever MILK [Vanilla]

1 to 2 [or more, experiment] tsp. Xanthan gum

1 bag [1 lb] Cashews

1 TBSP Vanilla [additional, optional]

1 cup [more or less] Xylitol [I use Xylitol because it does not promote tooth decay, so grandson can have it]. But I’ve also used Maple Syrup. [Stevia does not work so good, because there is no added bulk]

Pinch of salt

I do this in 3 batches [my blender isn’t big enough for all at once]. Place a third (1/3) bag of the Cashews in a blender, add enough milk to cover, whiz until smooth and creamy. Then add 1/3 of each of the rest of the ingredients, including more of the Milk.

Whiz until completely blended.

Taste and adjust accordingly.

Pour into ice cream maker [bought mine at WALMART for $19.95].

REPEAT with rest of ingredients.

Then follow the instructions for the ice cream maker.


Carob ‘Chocolate’ Flavor

Follow the above instructions, but add ½ to 1 cup sifted Carob powder, according to how dark you want it.

Also may add a banana, or 2 to 3 TBSP Peanut Butter. Or mint flavor.

May add nuts, or Carob Chips, etc.

Butter Pecan Flavor

Follow instructions for Vanilla “Rice Cream,” only add Butter Flavor extract [to taste].

AND after “Ice Cream” is completed, you pour it into another container and add Pecan halves or pieces.

Fruit-flavored “Ice Cream”

Follow instructions for Vanilla “Rice Cream” only add 1 or 2 cans frozen juice [Raspberry; Strawberry; Orange; Pineapple, or etc, experiment]

Add more of the Xanthan gum

½ to 1 Banana [optional]

Repeat with rest of ingredients. I let the Ice Cream Maker run until it stops on its own accord. Then pull the plug.

“Ice Cream” will be runny. Pour into container and freeze. Add fruit before putting in freezer, if you desire.

Other flavorings

Root Beer
Cherry Vanilla
Pumpkin [use a whole can and add some pumpkin spice], etc..
Vanilla Mint Carob Chip, etc..




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