Update on NEWSTART Teens

Before NEWSTART Teens did its filming for their new and awesome teen health series, OpenSourceVegan.com asked the founder, Gerrod Clarke, to describe his vision for the project (and one of his favorite vegan recipes).

As I check out from time to time NEWSTART Teens’ Googe+ page, I’m really happy about their progress, and I was actually a part of the first filming session. The teens that are working on this project are very ambitious and really want to make a difference in this world. This video project is being filmed to a pro level, and OpenSourceVegan.com will continue to promote it because teens need to know about these eight principles of health and longevity: proper nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in divine power.

I enjoyed watching these update videos from NEWSTART Teens’ YouTube channel. Please watch them, and share them with your friends and family. Let’s spread the word about this excellent, up and coming program! Let’s tell others that young people are doing something RIGHT in this world!

[Since I posted five videos below, depending on your internet connection, it might take a little bit of time for your page to load, but it’ll be worth the wait!]

Update #1

Update #2

Update #3

Update #4

Update #5