Vegan Apple Crisp
(Wal-mart Friendly)

I really want to go back to the initial vision of One part of that vision was to make Wal-mart friendly (a.k.a. local grocery store friendly) vegan recipes. Yes, on occasion, I still want to share recipes that might require soy curls or yeast flakes, but this year, I want to make food with ingredients that a normal person will buy on a regular basis.

This is why today I made a Wal-mart friendly apple crisp.

Here’s the recipe idea:
I used:
1 14 oz can of frozen 100% apple juice concentrate
1/2 c. of raisins
5 chopped up apples

The basic principle of making this recipe was to put the frozen apple juice concentrate and cornstarch mixed with water in a pot. Then you can turn the stove onto high or almost high and constantly stir the mixture with a whisk until it thickens. After that, I would turn the stove’s temperature down to about a medium heat and add the apples to cook them in it.

However, today, I can’t give you an exact cornstarch to water amount because I thickened my apple juice concentrate too much. I solved the problem by adding more water to the mixture, and the taste was still great, but I need to work on this recipe a little bit more.

Anyways, I cooked the apples in the apple juice concentrate mixture, turned off the stove, and then I added the raisins.

I placed everything in a nice dish and added granola on top of it. Hopefully next week I can post a simple granola recipe on for you to try!

My dish could feed about 4-5 people this morning, assuming they’re eating 2-3 pieces of additional fruit as well. This crisp was very filling for me this morning, and I liked it. :)

Please tell me how your apple crisp adventure goes! :)


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