Your Vegan Thanksgiving Meals:

About two weeks ago, I challenged you to share with me the vegan meals you were having for Thanksgiving.

Christa Shelton, who has a blog called “Veggin’ Out With Christa” said:

“This is me and my vegan stuffing! Stuffing has ALWAYS been one of my favorite sides, so it is a must for my holiday dinner table. To prove my love further, I was only cooking for two and you see how much I made! Don’t worry, there were pleny of leftovers! Anyway, I used a loaf of vegan sourdough bread, vegan vegetable broth, sauteed some onions, celery and mushrooms in earth balance and had used a vegan cornbread stuffing mixture from Trader Joe’s to round it out. It was deelicious! I don’t think there is one holiday dish that can’t be veganized these days and I’m thankful for that!”

Wina Shifflett made a vegan turkey and said:

“This is my vegan turkey I made for thanskgiving
It is puff pastry on top and bottom and stuffing inside and baked for 25 minutes and basted with ketchup and a little water mixed while baking !!!”

Christa and Wina, thanks so much for your submissions, and I’m looking forward to what everyone going to be eating for Christmas!

  • Christa

    You’re welcome Franklin, thanks for all you do!