Spaghetti Sauce
& Meatballs

“I loved lunch today!

Again, Josiah Wold and Samuel Francis did an excellent job with making another bread item. :)

These breadsticks quickly disappeared.

Pureseed Lefhoko made a nice French dressing!

The vegan meatballs consisted of oats, potatoes, pecans, braggs, yeast flakes, onion powder, and other ingredients.

We had whole wheat spaghetti noodles.

I made the spaghetti sauce from mostly our farm’s tomatoes. I only opened one industrial sized can of tomato paste, and the rest of tomatoes came from our farm. We received them frozen, so I thawed them out in the steamer, blended them, and put them in our steamer pot along with sauteed peppers from our farm and sauteed onions. I also added onion powder, yeast flakes, turbinado sugar, salt, chicken style seasoning, Italian seasoning, and basil.

You’ll notice that the sauce in the buffet picture is a little thick. After a few minutes of serving it, another chef, Mrs. Pulley, suggested to add more water to it, and salt, more chicken style seasoning, more sugar, and more onion powder. Basically, we added more seasonings because the sauce was diluted, and it had tomato paste. I followed her recommendation to add more sugar to the sauce to made sure the tomato paste taste was offset.

By the way, I bought some inspirational hymn music on iTunes this morning and played it in the cafeteria to experiment with creating a nice atmosphere for the dining area.”


This was originally posted on’s Facebook page January 25, 2011.