Mashed Potatoes
& Gravy!!

“Yesterday’s Lunch: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy”

“Pureseed Lefhoko made these yummy carob balls!

Ysaura Marca & Ville helped make this nice chickpea gravy!”

We changed the menu slightly and used potatoes we diced as mashed potatoes for yesterday’s meal. This is why you see the skins in the mashed potatoes.

Because we were doing a Friday meal, we wanted it to be less complex. Although this was the goal, we were able to serve frozen carob balls [recipe coming soon] that we made earlier in the week.

I steamed the potatoes in our steamer, and then I mashed them with our bread mixer. I added soy margarine [recipe coming soon], oil, onion powder, and salt.

I tasted the mashed potatoes, and I really liked it!

Mrs. Michelle Blackwood helped me brainstorm in using another gravy recipe. I was tired of using the same almond gravy recipe that we used, so she asked me to go online and search for a recipe. I found a punk rock chickpea recipe. This gravy called for chickpeas and flour instead of using nuts, so it was a less expensive gravy.

We didn’t use mustard seeds, and we used braggs for soy sauce. I don’t believe we used that much coriander as well. Also, we didn’t follow the directions; instead, we just blended all the ingredients together and cooked it to taste. All it needed was some sauteed onions, which we added, and it was another winner.

We definitely are going to add this to our list of recipes we use for different dishes.

After our green beans ran out, we served lima beans.

We received some compliments, so this meal went over well. One person said that he didn’t mind having mashed potatoes and gravy like this more often. Another person said the carob balls served were the best he had eaten.”


This note was originally posted January 29, 2011 on’s Facebook page.