Chipotle Style Wraps

“I asked Vernal Roseval to write this on the board so it could be displayed as people came to lunch today. Vernal and another student did a very nice design! :)”

“Today’s lunch: Wraps, Brown Rice, Mashed Pinto Beans, Cashew Cheese, Salsa, and Guacamole.”

“Purseed and Vernal made nice salad platters today for lunch.”

Today, was a fun day in the cafeteria during lunch.

The Lord really blessed this meal!

We were able to have a sign out front that said, “Don’t waste your gas money by traveling on these icy roads…Today, Chipotle is at Hartland!”

Also, we played the instrumental hymn music I bought from iTunes to set a nice atmosphere.

Our lunch was made much easier because we had prepped the cashew cheese sauce and washed and soaked the pinto beans the day before. [We substituted almonds with cashews]. I’m learning that what makes or breaks my lunch time experience is my food preps.

I cooked the pinto beans for about two hours with salt to absorb the flavor. Also, I added chopped onions, peppers (sadly, they weren’t from the farm today…), and celery. I really didn’t have time to sauté them because of this big meal, so I added oil to the pinto beans before I added my chopped veggies. The oil would help increase the heat to give the veggies a better flavor–although they were not quite sauteed.

I seasoned the pinto beans with salt, yeast flakes, onion powder, a little celery seed, chicken style seasoning, and I believe a few other ingredients.

Then I let the beans cook a little bit so the water would evaporate. After that, I brought the beans to our bread machine so I could mash them.

The salsa was made from a combination of our farm’s tomatoes and store bought ones, chopped onions, another type of pepper from our farm, cilantro from our farm, salt, and some other ingredients.

Today, we even made the guacamole without lemon juice, but I liked the flavor…I guess many other people did too because there was none left. ;)”

This note was originally posted January 27, 2011 on’s Facebook page.