Vegan Pizza Idea!!

“Samuel Francis and Josiah Wold made an excellent whole wheat pizza crust! They baked it the day before and added yeast to it. We could’ve made pizza on pita bread, but it’s so much nicer on real crust.

For our spaghetti sauce, I used about 80% of tomatoes from our farm and about 20% of diced tomatoes from the can. We obtained frozen tomatoes from the farm, and I steamed them and blended them. When I took them out of the steamer, they really had a fresh smell that is really unique to having food picked straight our of your garden. I also blended the diced tomatoes in its juice from the can as well.

We ran out of tomato paste, so I used tvp to thicken the sauce.

I seasoned it with salt, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, a little honey (you can use another sweetener of choice if you prefer), and turbinado sugar. It turned out well.

The vegan cheese came from the almond cheese recipe. We did almond cheese and cashew cheese versions. (We just used less water to make a thicker consistency).

On top of that was burgers that we made that were chopped into squares. We also added peppers, broccoli, and onions.

This was a winner today. :)

Praise the Lord!”

This was originally posted on’s Facebook page January 19, 2011.