’s Thanksgiving Challenge

Wow. The Lord really has blessed! I see that especially this website and the Facebook page is pretty active. This is something I’m very thankful for. However, there’s something missing with; it hasn’t fulfilled its total vision yet. isn’t truly “open source.” It’s not a website where people collaborate and share their plant based recipes/recipe ideas together as they learn and grow together.

I still have a dream that one day this recipe exchange concept will be a reality (and I have some potential things up my sleeve to share with you potentially in the future…).

Today, I want you to take the Thanksgiving challenge so we can extend the blessing of eating plant based food not only to our friends and family but also to a worldwide audience.

Please simply:
1. Take a picture of your plant based Thanksgiving dish.
2. Write a one paragraph (or more or less) description of your dish.
3. E-mail it to me at
4. You can also include your name and website address if you wish.

Then I will post your short blurb about your meal after Thanksgiving on :)

Here’s an example:
My name is Franklin Morris II, and I’m a vegan blogger at A few years ago, I worked at a vegan restaurant.

I ate my Thanksgiving meal with the owners’ family. We had their vegan turkey that they always sold at the restaurant around Thanksgiving time. The owner laughed as he said that two customers, a husband and wife, turned vegan and fooled their family with this turkey. The food that day was amazing! I’ll let you see for yourself…

…By the way, who said vegans don’t eat turkey? 😉

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