Oh so Sweet Glazed Nuts Recipe Sketch

One of my friends makes this for her husband, and she was kind enough to give me the recipe idea!


3 cups of nuts (She mixed English walnuts and almonds)
3 tb. of honey
2 tb. of Grandma’s molasses (not blackstrap) pinch of salt

Mix together in a bowl.

Variation: Use maple syrup instead of honey or molasses.

Line cookie sheet with wax paper for easy cleanup. Preheat oven @ 350.

Put in oven for 5-7 minutes. Mix it, and leave it in again for 5-7 minutes. Take it out, and put it on a cool plate. Evenly spread it out so it doesn’t stick too much.

Variation: Use it in salads, ice cream, and on top of waffles. It’s yummy!