My Health Conscious Community

When I went to church this Sabbath, I saw this cholesterol book by Steps to Christ. I learned that every month, we’re going to have the opportunity to receive a health book for us to read and share with others. I’m looking forward to reading this one!

For lunch at church, we were served vegan cupcakes among other things! I didn’t take many pictures for this potluck because I was busy in the media center.

On Sabbath evening at another church, I listened to Andy share his experience of going through a one month health outreach training at Wellness Secrets and using his training for missionary work in Panama. He talked about how he combined vegan food, natural remedies like charcoal, and the Bible all together in his family’s work in Panama! Andy and his wife were actually on a television station called 3ABN and said on air that they were grateful for their training at Wellness Secrets! Amazing!

(I was late in the media center seeing if we could record this footage from 3ABN, which thankfully we did.)

That evening, I heard that this church was going to do a one month health outreach training starting in January.

Today, I took a lung capacity test during the our practice health expo at Wellness Secrets. We’re now in the last week of our 3 week LIGHT health outreach training.

Again, today, I was reminded that I need to get more rest and start a solid exercise routine. My health age was 25.5 instead of 26, which is my real age.

I’m grateful to be in a health conscious community! However, my experience isn’t just for myself to enjoy…

If you ever want to get away and improve your health, come to Wellness Secrets’ five day live-in program!

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