Wheat Free Pasta!

A church member who made this wheat free pasta dish for our Sabbath potluck was so gracious enough to share her recipe.

Her recipe is below:

The idea for the pasta salad sprang from the Potato Salad recipe that I adapted from Peggy Dameron, THE JOY OF COOKING NATURALLY.

I used 2, 12 oz packets of organic brown rice pasta – PENNE – by Tinkyada which I have found at Walmart & Country Life Natural Foods. The ingredients are:- stone-ground organic brown rice & water.

These I cooked in 2 quarts of boiling water and 1 T of Celtic sea salt for about 20 min., drained, & rinsed several times in cold water. To the cold pasta I added 2 t salt & 2 t fresh lemon juice, about 3 c Cashew Mayonnaise as per recipe from:- Muriel Beltz, COOKING WITH NATURAL FOODS p.61. ( Adaptation to follow.)

Into the above ingredients I stirred:- 1 can of green ripe olives, sliced, about 1 1/2 c of finely sliced celery, 3/4 c very finely sliced red onion, about 1 1/2 c of finely sliced red sweet pepper & 1 T of dill weed. Best made the day before serving to let flavors blend. Garnish attractively – sprigs of parsley, pumpkin seeds, various possibilities.

Types of vegetables & amounts can be varied. I’ve used:- cooked & chilled legumes, grated carrots, frozen peas, green onions, radishes, etc.

For POTATO SALAD substitute 3 quarts of cooked, peeled, & diced potatoes for the 2 pks of pasta. The CASHEW MAYONNAISE really makes this salad.

4 c boiling water
2 c washed cashews
1/2 c fresh lemon juice
2 t salt
2 t onion powder
About 1 t garlic powder

BLEND cashews in water until smooth. COOK until thick. ADD lemon juice, salt, onion & garlic powders. Will keep covered & refrigerated at least 1 week. It is great on any cooked vegetable, as a bread spread, etc.

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  • http://theravegan.wordpress.com/ The RA Vegan

    Thanks so much for posting this!  It looks wonderful and like something I could easily take in my lunches!  (I’m doing a Vegan Lunchboxes for Adults Challenge on my blog right now, encouraging people to pack healthy vegan lunches so I’m looking for good things!)


  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome, Jen!

    I asked two other church members for their recipes, so I’ll have more to post as well later. :)

    That’s great about your vegan challenge! I’m going to check out your blog!


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