Another Great Sabbath Potluck!

Being a part of America’s longest living community definitely has its benefits. I would rather eat food at my church’s potluck than eat out any day of the week because the food is healthier, and it tastes better!

Why does my church emphasize eating a vegetarian diet?

The Bible says, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31. God is concerned about all the details of our lives even down to what we eat. He doesn’t want us to get sick from eating disease laden food; rather, He wants our minds to be clear so we can effectively communicate with Him.

Check out these pictures below from my church’s vegetarian potluck today!

I’m sorry, but I currently don’t have the recipes of these items. I might be able to get some of them, but I can’t guarantee this.

Carob Cake

Vegan Poppy Seed Cake

Tofu Dish

Okra Dish

My Vegan SoyCurl Dish!

This was the first time that I brought a dish to this church in Arkansas, so I was a little nervous, but one person said she enjoyed it!

Vegan Meatballs

Here’s a video about my church’s vegetarian potluck:

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    Your food looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I’m really privileged to eat this type of food on a daily basis, and Sabbath potluck just takes the food to another level each week. :) I’m obtaining recipes from church members who made some of this food, and I’m posting them bit by bit on When this is finished, I’ll add the recipe links to this blog post. :)


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  • Lotrob

    This all look sooooooooo very delicious.  My church has vegan meals on Sabbath but we have a planned menu done by groups assigned for each Sabbath week rather than “potluck”.

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  • Anonymous

    Those meals sound great, too. :)

    I like the variety @ my church. Did you see these photos from our most recent potluck: ?

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