Please Give me Feedback!

Hello everyone!

This is Franklin, and I’m trying to figure out how to use this WordPress template I bought yesterday. I got a magazine template from Organic Themes for $69.  Please comment here or on’s Facebook page to give me feedback as I start this new edition to When the page organized, when you type in, you’ll be directed here instead of to the Facebook page.


  • Ruth

    I’m not a WordPress expert (I use Blogger), but I do know you’re going to need a subscription widget, because I need to subscribe in Google Reader instead of bookmarking the page and having it get lost among my million and one other bookmarks. 😀

  • OpenSourceVegan

    Okay, I will put that on this page! Thanks Ruth!

  • Aman

    I love this website!!! Maybe instead of using the wordpress commenting system, use disqus like on my site Frank, it allows you to comment with twitter, facebook, and other stuff. It’s a plugin in

  • Franklin Morris

    This is a test.

  • Search4agape

    Keep it up with this website you have started. You are making a good start.
    Kathryn Search;  and a few other websites, plus facebook. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your encouraging words, and I’ll have to check out your website, too. 😉